Firefox OS – Mozilla’s Late, But Great, Mobile OS Entry

Being late to a party isn’t always bad. Some of the most interesting people – and mobile OSs – are fashionably late, getting there just when the party is heating up. Mozilla yesterday took the wraps off of their first commercial build of Firefox OS, formerly known by the geeky moniker “Boot To Gecko”. The […]

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RSands Consulting is Back!

Need fresh perspective on developers, FOSS, and products targeted at developers? I can help – contact me and let me show you how!

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Will Indemnity Be The New Black?

Now that Lodsys went nuclear on developers, will Apple and other vendors have to start indemnifying their developer communities?

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OpenOffice Over The Wall

Oracle has donated to Apache. Developers won’t be fooled.

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OpenJDK Bylaws FAQ – Nice Example!

The info in Oracle’s OpenJDK Bylaws FAQ may not please everyone but the FAQ itself is a great example of transparency in action.

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FOSS Advocates – Beware!

There has been no shortage of commentary on Google’s decision to drop support for H.264 in future versions of their Chrome browser. The FOSS community has been supportive of Google, unwilling to allow a web standard like the HTML5 <video> tag to be subject to royalty payments. Others argue that Google is just battling their […]

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A Potent Combo: Black Duck and Ohloh

Something I’ve been involved with at Black Duck has become visible today – Black Duck acquires Ohloh. Read on to learn why this is good news for FOSS.

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A Flash of Bad Karma

There must be some real reason why Adobe doesn’t open source Flash Player. Inventing bogus reasons to tell the community doesn’t win the company any points!

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WordPress: Let’s Do a Foundation!

The new WordPress Foundation is a great thing! But perhaps not for the reasons stated on their site.

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More Google – The Tao of Open

Google does a lot of good stuff. But I still wish Google was more comfortable with the truth about why they do all that good stuff.

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