• OH-SampleRich Sands is a talented, thoughtful and thorough consultant with deep insights into Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), software licensing, developing and nurturing communities, and product management/marketing. Rich was instrumental in aiding Black Duck to develop its first community strategy and developer initiatives, and  helped Black Duck’s acquisition and initial integration of Ohloh.

    Tim Yeaton – Former CEO, Black Duck Software

  • MariaDB-Montage

    Rich has helped SkySQL in defining its business strategy and in many aspects of product management and product marketing. Rich’s knowledge of FOSS, IT infrastructure, and DevOps, combined with his creativity, focus on objectives, and conscientious delivery, make a great combination for achieving outstanding results.

    Ivan Zoratti – Former CTO, SkySQL Ab

periwinkle-background-headshouldersDevelopers and Open Source communities create the software technologies that power our world. But prospering in this disruptive world demands new strategies, new processes, and new ways to engage. With my experience and insights, I know how to succeed in this, the new software industry. How can I help you?

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Product Management

Customer and Market Research
Feature Invention
Agile Development
Beta Programs
Pricing, Packaging, Offers
Services, Subscriptions, Support

Product Marketing

Messaging, Audience, Personas
Communications, PR, AR
Launch Planning

Developer Communities

Platform Adoption
Developer Engagement
Community Management
Community Governance
Training and Certification
Social Media

Development Practices

Tools and Infrastructure
Inbound Open Source
Open Source Contributions
Open Source Licensing
DevOps Implementation



Competitive Intelligence
Value Proposition
Technology Life Cycle
Acquisitions and Partnerships
Culture, Change Management


Choosing Metrics
Measurement Processes
Designing Incentives